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Don't replace it when you can repair it!

Our repair services are second to none! With highly trained and qualified technicians who really care about each camera they repair, we offer a friendly, personal service and return your camera as good as new and as quickly as possible.


Our technicians are trained by Canon and are able to repair all your equipment to the highest standard required to be an authorised repair agent.

We are vastly experienced in diagnosing faults with cameras that we will normally be able to give you a fixed price for the work to repair your camera without seeing your camera (however this does exclude any additional parts that may be required on closer inspection).

We hold a large stock of camera parts from the main manufacturers with daily deliveries of parts from Canon.

Our Technicians use the latest state of the art testing equipment to ensure your camera arrives back with you as good as new.

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If you have a Domestic and General Policy and would like your equipment repaired, please click here to redirect you to our referrals form.

For any enquiries or If you would like to post your Camera into us please use the below details.

Thomas Camera Services Ltd

The Warehouse
Draper Street
Tunbridge Wells,
Kent, TN4 0PG

Telephone:01892 515446 / 619136

Opening Hours:

7:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Thursday
7:30am - 4:30pm Friday

Insurance repairs

Domestic & General Referrals

If you do not know the Serial Number of your unit, please just type in N/A to allow you to submit the form.

Please ensure the name and address on the policy document is correct as we can only send the labels and the repair once completed to the address on the policy.

If the details on the policy DO NOT match your current address details you MUST contact Domestic & General's Customer Services on 08444 810500 to amend the details, before filling in this form.

A copy of our covering letter will be displayed and you can print this out to follow the guidelines for packing the equipment.

We will also send a copy of this letter to you with the UPS labels.

Ensure the relevant paperwork is enclosed with the equipment.

The labels need to be attached to the outside of the box, then take the parcel to your nearest UPS Access Point for posting.

We will contact you (by email or post) on receipt of the equipment.

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